How to decide and buy CCTV camera system from our website :

  1. You need to decide howmuch you want to spend. The higher the resolution of camera system the more expensive they become . 
  2.  Which camera ? For a normal residential or commercial property 2MP , 5MP or 8MP is good . The difference between different resolution becomes aparant when you digitally zoom in . For example with 2MP you can zoom in X2 then after that image pixelates for 5MP you can zoom in X4 and for 8MP may be 6X before pixelation . 
  3. There are two kind of CCTV systems:  analogue HD and IP Cameras . The Analogue HD works of coax cable IP cameras work on cat5/cat6 cable with  glass ends . Analgoue HDs are very good for normal usage and prices good, but IPs are more expensive and images quality excelent. Now a days most people go for Analogue HD rather than IP . The recorder for analogue HD is called DVR and for IP cameras are called NVR .
  4.  there are IR cameras and there are Full colour cameras . IR cameras show image in black and white at night full colour cameras show colour image at night , but some full colour cameras the white light stay on all night which some people don’t like . There are some Smart light cameras that we have that lights only come on when someone comes in view to get full colour image and then the white light turns off and image go back to black and white . 

On our website we offer you two options to buy cctv systems . you can either go to our  CCT Kits page or you can choose the cameras from IP CAMERAS or HD Analogue then at the bottom of page we have listed the example of matching products. For example one 4xchannel NVR, cables, and bases that match , but if you want say 8xchannel NVR you can  choose same brand as the recommended one .

If you are not sure about anything you can always call us on 01613127477 ,   email us or text or Whatapp  us on 07870565644

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