High Quality - 1Ch Two Tail HD Passive Balun UTP Connector for CCTV Camera

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Product details

up to 8mp

This pair of single channel passive video baluns enables you to transmit camera video, audio and power over UTP CAT5e/6 up to 440m.

  • Real-time transmission over UTP cat5/6.
  • NTSC, PAL and SECAM video format compatible.
  • Compatible with all HD-CVI/TVI/AHD/CVBS analogue cameras.
  • Color video max up to 440m (1444ft) for HD-CVI 720P camera.
  • Color video max up to 220m (721ft) for HD-CVI 1080P camera.
  • Color video max up to 190m (623ft) for HD-TVI 720P camera.
  • Color video max up to 190m (623ft) for HD-TVI 1080P camera.
  • Color video max up to 210m (688ft) for TVT HD-TVI 720P camera.
  • Color video max up to 230m (754ft) for TVT HD-TVI 1080P camera.
  • Color video max up to 300m (1049ft) for AHD 720P camera.
  • Color video max up to 240m (787ft) for AHD 960P camera.
  • Color video max up to 220m (721ft) for AHD 1080P camera.
  • Audio signal up to 600m (1968ft).
  • Male BNC with extended 5.9inch(150mm)mini-coax pigtail.
  • RJ45 Jack for UTP cable.
  • Buitl-in TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) for surge protection.
  • Wave Filter Design, Anti-Static Design.
  • Lightning protection design Grade: III.
  • 60dB crosstalk and noise immunity.
  • Exceptional interference rejection.
  • ABS engineering plastic housing.



  • The transmitter and receiver must, use the same wiring.
  • If you adjust saturation of DVR, video transmission distance could be farther. (HD-CVI 720P: max up to 470m(154ft)).
  • If chromatic aberration ocurrs within 30 meters,, please also adjust saturation, the picture will recover perfectly automatically (only for HD-CVI 1080P).
  • The device is not waterproof and not to be used outdoors.


Technical Specification



                        Product Name

Single Channel HD Passive Video, Audio and Power Transmitter and Receiver Balun

                         Applied Devices

CCTV cameras, monitors, DVR, switchers, IP encoders, and other CCTV equipment


Video Format


Operating Frequency

DC to 42MHz

Max Distance

HD-TVI  720P: 190m

HD-CVI  720P: 440m

AHD  720P: 300m

 HD-TVI  1080P: 190m

 HD-CVI  1080P: 220m

AHD  960P: 240m

AHD 1080P: 220m

Common-mode/Differential-mode rejection

15KHz to 42MHz   60 dB typ


Coax, Male BNC  75Ω unbalanced    

UTP, RJ45   75Ω unbalanced

   UTP, push-pin terminal block  100Ω balanced


1.5 dB typ Max

Wire Type

Network Wiring

One Unshielded Twisted Pair (for each video signal) 24-16 AWG (0.5-1.31mm)

Category Type

2 or better


100 ± 20 ohms

DC Loop Resistance

52 ohms per 1,000ft (18 ohms per 100m)

Differential Capacitance

19 pF/ft max (62 pF/m max)


Power input

12V/24V,DC/AC. Via UTP cat5e/6, please refer to distance chart above

 Audio Signal

Transmission distance

Up to 984ft(300m) via UTP cat5e/6


Video input/output

Male BNC connector

Video input/output

RJ45 Jack


Surge Protection

renewable solid state surge protection

Video Input

2KV(common mode), 10/700us IEC6100-4-5/1955(GB/T 1726, 5-1999)

Video Output

2KV(different mode), 10/700us IEC6100-4-5/1955(GB/T 1726, 5-1999)




ABS engineering plastic

Body Color



60.4*29*20.56mm (BNC connector & cable excluded)

Net Weight




Operating Temperature

-20º ~ 70º C

Relative Humidity

0~95% (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature

-40º ~ 150º C