DVR Recorders


Question: I have bought your DVR Recorder Viper Pro, but I haven't got access to DVR menu. I tried a lot of passwords, but they all are wrong 

The user name is "admin". There is no password leave it blank. Click OK and you go into menu. 

Question: One Camera is flickering, could it be a problem with the a DVR?

If any problem with the DVR it is impossible to see anything on the monitor screen, just blue "no signal" sign. If it is possible to see a DVR menu the problem can be with the Camera.

Swap over the Camera that is flickering to a different port (channel) at the back of your DVR Recorder. If after that the Camera is still flickering the problem is not with DVR ports or channels . Check the Camera's mode and switch to a right mode (AHD, TVI or Analogue). For the AHD mode click the right button of the mouse, go to "Channel Mode" and select the "AHD". If after that the same problem still exists check Camera's cable or Power Supply.



Question: What password is for my DVR Recorder 

1. DVR Recorder Viper Pro DVR has only user name "admin" and no any password. 

2. For HIKVISION DVR Recorder without a Hard Drive password has to be settled

3. For HIKVISION DVR Recorder with a pre-fitted Hard Drive password is on the top of the DVR. By default it is "ASDF12345"


Question: DVR Recorder Viper Pro 5 in 1 HYBRID. I have a doubt, this video recorder can simultaneously record analog cameras and IP cameras?

Yes, it is possible to connect Analog Camera and IP Camera at the same time, but IP Camera has to be no more than 2MP and only 1 IP Camera